Super Bowl 2017: All 50 Super Bowl Winners in History

In front of the 2017 NFL playoffs, a rundown of each of the 50 past Super Bowl champs alliance history.

The 2016 customary season has gone back and forth in the NFL. Presently the genuine fun starts as the 12 groups who made the postseason start for a lengthy, difficult experience ahead. In no way, shape or form are the 2017 NFL Playoffs going to be either unsurprising or a cakewalk. It's been a year of fluctuation and sudden results, so why might the postseason be any extraordinary? Be that as it may, at last, it's all to battle for the opportunity to lift the Lombardi Trophy taking after Super Bowl 51.

Of the 12 remaining groups, three have never been champions. Those groups are the Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans. The Texans are planning to have the capacity to win their first at home as the defining moment is being played in NRG Stadium in Houston on Feb. 5, 2017. Whoever wins will join a distinguished rundown of 50 groups that have remained on the alliance, looking down at the rest.

Super bowl Winners

Conversely, two of the 12 groups that enter the 2017 NFL Playoffs are among the pioneers in most Super Bowl titles won in NFL history. The Pittsburgh Steelers sit on that rundown, having won six in establishment history. In the interim, the Dallas Cowboys sit only behind with their five wins in the historical backdrop of the class' defining moment. Nothing's composed in stone for 2017, most likely, however the Steelers could either expand their lead in such manner or the Cowboys could get up to speed.

Regardless, however one group will be the 51st champ of the Super Bowl. Who will they join? Here are the 50 past Super Bowl champs in NFL history:

Super Bowl WInners:

50 (2016): Denver Broncos
XLIX (2015): New England Patriots
XLVIII (2014): Seattle Seahawks
XLVII (2013): Baltimore Ravens
XLVI (2012): New York Giants
XLV (2011): Green Bay Packers
XLIV (2010): New Orleans Saints
XLIII (2009): Pittsburgh Steelers
XLII (2008): New York Giants
XLI (2007): Indianapolis Colts
XL (2006): Pittsburgh Steelers
XXXIX (2005): New England Patriots
XXXVIII (2004): New England Patriots
XXXVII (2003): Tampa Bay Buccaneers
XXXVI (2002): New England Patriots
XXXV (2001): Baltimore Ravens
XXXIV (2000): St Louis Rams
XXXIII (1999): Denver Broncos
XXXII (1998): Denver Broncos
XXXI (1997): Green Bay Packers
XXX (1996): Dallas Cowboys
XXIX (1995): San Francisco 49ers
XXVIII (1994): Dallas Cowboys
XXVII (1993): Dallas Cowboys
XXVI (1992): Washington Redskins
XXV (1991): New York Giants
XXIV (1990): San Francisco 49ers
XXIII (1989): San Francisco 49ers
XXII (1988): Washington Redskins
XXI (1987): New York Giants
XX (1986): Chicago Bears
XIX (1985): San Francisco 49ers
XVIII (1984): Los Angeles Raiders
XVII (1983): Washington Redskins
XVI (1982): San Francisco 49ers
XV (1981): Oakland Raiders
XIV (1980): Pittsburgh Steelers
I (1979): Pittsburgh Steelers
(1978): Dallas Cowboys
XI (1977): Oakland Raiders
X (1976): Pittsburgh Steelers
IX (1975): Pittsburgh Steelers
VIII (1974): Miami Dolphins
VII (1973): Miami Dolphins
VI (1972): Dallas Cowboys
V (1971): Baltimore Colts
IV (1970): Kansas City Chiefs
III (1969): New York Jets
II (1968): Green Bay Packers
I (1967): Green Bay Packers

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